Why Do We Need Your Information For The Uncle G’s Savings Card?

Thank you for joining Uncle Giuseppe’s Loyalty Program! Please know that your information is safe with us. We only collect the information that we need so that we can provide you with the best specials and sales that are exclusively available to you – our Loyalty Card Member.

Some of the information we ask for – like your phone number – is simply to get you started. In the event you misplace or forget your Savings Card, we’ll need this information to look you up. Know that we will never call your phone number, it is merely a way to identify you.

We also ask for your zip code. We like to know where our customers and members come from – and who knows, one day we may even want to open a Marketplace in your neighborhood!

We certainly don’t want you to miss out on all the great things Uncle G’s is cooking up, so your email address is important to us as it’s our primary means of communicating with you. While we strive to be sensitive and won’t flood your inbox, if you ever decide later on that you would not like to receive any more emails (not that we think you will!), you can easily opt-out at any time. There is a 1-click unsubscribe link at the bottom of every one of our emails.

But, at all times, Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace will not lend, sell, or rent your information, so you never have to worry that it would ever be used outside of our business.