Uncle Giuseppe’s Cheese Department offer hundreds of international and domestic cheeses. Our experts scour the world to bring back only the most exceptional imported cheeses. Their knowledge, superior selection, and true love of cheese will guide you to the best Auricchio Provolone or the most delicious Dutch Prima Donna.

Then there’s our fresh mozzarella. Uncle Giuseppe’s fresh mozzarella is one of the most popular items in all of our Marketplaces because of its unrivaled milkiness and fluffiness. When the first Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace opened in East Meadow in 1998, we learned that the best fresh mozzarella in Italy comes from Salerno. After a trip to Italy, we learned how to replicate the flavor and texture with a machine that produces a consistently delicious fresh mozzarella, using the finest whole milk curd. One taste of our fresh, silky soft mozzarella and you’ll be hooked.

Our cheese staff can help you select the perfect cheese for your palate, your platter, or simply to make suggestions for your next event.