Our Culture

Our Mission

Uncle Giuseppe’s mission is to provide an outstanding shopping experience for each and every customer – every day and in every way. We strive to make every customer’s shopping experience a memorable one through extraordinary customer service and quality products. We commit to provide the best in service, value, and ingredients in every department and to never sacrifice quality or values.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a premier food retailer where shopping is a pleasurable experience for both our customers and our associates. To ensure customer satisfaction by employing passionate people who are dedicated to excellent customer service. Providing the best products in an exceptional shopping environment created through innovative decor and design, where all customers are treated, and feel, like family.

Our Values

These uncompromising values are the cornerstones of our success, and essential to our future growth:

  • Passion: Being passionate about our work allows us to sell the highest quality and best tasting foods, and provide world class customer service.
  • Family: Family values are fundamental to forging relationships with both our customers and colleagues.
  • Fun: Our stores are fun and enjoyable places to shop and work.
  • Customer Consideration: The customer should always leave happy no matter the circumstance – we will strive to achieve this in every action and decision.
  • Kind and Respectful: We believe in treating people kindly and with respect in all of our interactions.
  • Community: We take pride in our community involvement, and are committed to our integral role the communities we serve.
  • Challenging: Uncle Giuseppe’s offers challenging and growth-oriented career opportunities for our employees.
  • Accountability: By holding ourselves accountable, we are responsible for our actions and setting the standard for future growth.